23 November 2009. Writ Petition filed at the Madras High Court by Surekha Jain, the mother of Geetanjali JB (aka Geetanjali Jain aka Geetanjali Bhattacharjee), the petitioner in the First Writ Petition case. The Writ names the Regional Registration Officers, Department of Immigration, Chennai and Puducherry; the Managing Trustee of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram; and the Superintendent of Police, Pondicherry North as deponents. Jain demands that the court order the Immigration Department to take action "against the said Peter Heehs to forthwith deport him from the country."

1 December. Heehs files a petition to be "impleaded" (listed as a deponent in the case). The Chief Justice of the High Court accepts the petition and orders Heehs to be listed as a deponent.

4 February 2010. The lawyer representing Surekha Jain informs the court that he will no longer appear for Jain.

Mr. T. Mohan, the lawyer representing Heehs, draws the court's attention to a fictitious Court Diary purporting to be an account of the proceedings of 21 December 2009. Geetanjali (who speaks throughout for her mother Surekha, the ostensible petitioner) "states that she has not circulated the aforesaid article". This statement is recorded by the court.

March. The case is adjourned on two occasions.

28 April. Case dismissed.