In a recent post, Alok Pandey shows that he and Sraddhalu Ranade are in fact involved in the court cases.

More than that, Pandey's letter indicates that their intent in urging and drafting material for court cases was never a matter of "hurt sentiments," but rather deliberate political maneuvering. They have been trying to change leadership at the Ashram through petition campaigns and court cases: "If [Peter] chooses to move out... the court cases might be dropped."

Apparently both Pandey and Ranade consider court cases a legitimate method for removing a person from a position in the Ashram, and forcing a person to leave the Ashram itself.

Pandey: "And, yes, perhaps if he chooses to move out of the Ashram and stay in Auroville, where he has a number of admirers, or to some other place where he can follow the yoga in his own way, then, perhaps the court cases might be dropped."(

Contrast this with Pandey's and Ranade's previous statements re court cases, e.g. in Ranade's "Open Letter to Auroville and Centres":

Court cases: Neither Alok nor I have the competence or the resources to handle court cases. Contrary to IYF's claims, neither of us is responsible for them, and neither do we have a say in their withdrawal.

The paradox is interesting: if they have no say in withdrawal of court cases, how can they lay down conditions for dropping them? On the other hand, if they have been involved in the cases from the beginning, are in touch with the lawyers, and have influence over the cases, as we have demonstrated, then it makes perfect sense.