The following “court diary” was received from RY Deshpande, who sent it to Paulette in Auroville. She posted it on the Auroville Compats email list on Wednesday, Jan 20. Since it shows no author, and in the absence of further information, we are left to assume that it was either written by Deshpande or that he was a willing go-between for others who wrote it.

We sent the document to Peter Heehs, who provided important factual clarifications on what actually took place, as well as a copy of the court order (see below). In short, the entire “court diary” is a fabrication. We feel it is important to make this clear, since this “diary” continues the pattern of rumor, misinformation, and outright lies that have been used to smear Peter Heehs, especially in relation to the legal cases brought against his book The Lives of Sri Aurobindo.

Although the “diary” is a fiction, and contains almost no true statements, the fact that it contains specific details (such as who was present) does make clear that whoever wrote it is in close contact with the lawyers. The publication of the “diary” is a further action by the group trying to have The Lives of Sri Aurobindo censored, and now are trying to have Heehs deported.

The comments below are based on the fictional “diary” posted to the Auroville Compats list, clarifications provided by Heehs,  and other sources.

Comments and clarifications are highlighted in yellow. After each section, the facts are corrected, followed by comments about what was written.

A followup letter to the “Court Diary” was sent by R.Y. Deshpande to multiple people on January 30, and was posted on the web on February 6. Like his previous note, it shows no author. The contents, however, suggest that it was written by the same person(s) who were responsible for the recent “Diary.” It repeats many of the same lies and distortions of the previous document, and adds a few more, so it is important once more to tell the truth and make corrections. The practice of sending inflammatory and inaccurate notes anonymously is regrettable, and only serves to obscure the truth.

As with the “Diary,” corrections and comments are highlighted in yellow. After each section, the facts are corrected, followed by comments about what was written. The factual corrections on events in court and other legal matters are based on information provided by Peter Heehs. Additional comments are by David Hutchinson.

The alleged "Court Diary" was first publicly distributed by Paulette via the Avcompats mailing list. What follows is her ensuing correspondence with Savitra.

What follows is Savitra's correspondence with RY Deshpande, the apparent originator of the "Court Diary".