What follows is Savitra's correspondence with RY Deshpande, the apparent originator of the "Court Diary".

From: Savitra
Date: January 22, 2010 7:37:38 PM PST
To: RY Deshpande
Subject: "Court Diary / Information Release" authenticity and source

Dear Sri Deshpande,

I write to you concerning the matter of the "Court Diary / Information Release" which you sent to Paulette and which she subsequently posted out to the entire Auroville Compat list without verifying its authenticity, veracity or source.

When she first posted it, there was no author name listed, leading or misleading one to believe that the "Report" was some official Court summary of the proceedings. After making inquiries of my own, which included forwarding the material to Peter Heehs who was personally present at the High Court proceedings in Chennai, it became clear that the so-called "Information" Report was in fact a fiction aimed to deceive the reader.

I am surprised that a person of your stature would pass on such material without first ascertaining whether it is a reliable and trustworthy document. In this light, could you kindly clarify the following: Did you write this yourself? If not, who did and why didn't they identify themselves as the author? Why did you send it on to Paulette? Did you intend for her to forward it to the AV Compat list? If so, why didn't you verify the accuracy and truthfulness of the report before sending it on for public posting?

Thank you for taking the time to enlighten me in this matter. I look forward to your reply.



From: Savitra Date: January 29, 2010 9:15:42 AM PST
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cc: AV Compats
Subject: still awaiting reply to your "Court Diary / Information Release"

Dear RY Deshpande,

On Jan 22, I sent you the following inquiry:

[see above]

One full week later, I still have not received the courtesy of a reply. When Paulette -- to whom you sent the "Court Diary / Information Release" -- sought your clarification, your curt response to her was: "If this is a misrepresentation, let someone who has an authentic version post it on the forum. RYD"

This reply, which she shared with the AV Compat forum, simply deflects and avoids the issue.

Your refusal to respond to our legitimate inquiries is perplexing. For it is not only feels disrespectful and dismissive but leads one to believe you have something to hide.

In this light, I write to you again seeking your clarification as to the authenticity and author/source of this document which you chose to send to Paulette. As a highly-trained scientist and scholar, surely you above all can understand the need for verifying information and sources before passing it off to others. Especially in such a sensitive and volatile matter. After all, we are not simply talking about disagreements. We are talking about the fate of a long-time Ashram resident whom certain parties have continued to persecute, harass, threaten and now attempt to deport in retribution for writing a book which offended them.

Sadly, these Machiavellian tactics and behavior resemble the conspiratorial pattern of Inquisitors seeking to excommunicate a heretic rather than the sincere attempt to resolve disputes though the nobler more illumined actions one would expect of seekers who profess to practice Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga. After all, what we do speaks more loudly than what we say.

In the spirit of a much-needed transparence, I once more appeal to your higher conscience to shed light on this obscure action, clarifying the real source of the document in question. Otherwise you leave us no option except to conclude that you are a willing participant in the cover-up of a conspiracy which not only involves the attempt to malign and deport Peter Heehs, but also maligns the Managing Trustee of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. For by boldly naming the Managing Trustee of the Ashram as a respondent/ defendant in this matter as well, the conspirators reveal their designs in a larger power struggle going on behind the scenes.

Looking forward to your reply in this deeply troubling story...


From: RY Deshpande
Date: January 29, 2010 11:36:55 AM PST
To: Savitra
Subject: Re: still awaiting reply to your "Court Diary / Information Release"

Whatever I'd to write, I'd already written to Paulette. I can't keep on corresponding with everybody. Sorry.