November 12, 2008

My dear Karan Singh– 

With the election of Obama, I and my colleagues anticipate a new era in American life that will bring the dreams for human advance that you and I share closer to reality.

And as a sign of these new times, the publication of Peter Heehs's Sri Aurobindo biography by the Columbia University Press is opening new doors to us among American opinion leaders who have not until now appreciated his importance for the world-at-large.

The book is receiving a VERY favorable reception among academics, artists, scientists, journalists, and others who will slowly but surely further America's knowledge of Sri Aurobindo and his historic work. For this we owe Manoj Das Gupta and other Ashram trustees a debt of gratitude. They have provided courageous support for the Ashram Archives and the magnificent research going on there. And we are grateful to you. You are a great protector of the Aurobindo legacy.

But my colleagues and I are also aware of the case now in front of the Orissa high court which seeks to stop the book's Indian publication. That effort, as well of others to suppress Heehs's research into Sri Aurobindo's vision and influence, puzzles and disturbs my American and European colleagues. Let us pray that wisdom prevails in these matters. My entire life's work has been inspired by Sri Aurobindo, and like others so-inspired I want his influence to spread. Heeh's book is helping our cause.

With fond regards,

Michael Murphy