Dear Manoj–

Since 1950 (even before we played on the Ashram basketball team together!), Sri Aurobindo has been the chief influence on my life and work. For that reason I've been thrilled by the new interest in him among American opinion elites that's been inspired by Peter Heehs's biography. Because of Peter's book, more and more people here are exhibiting new interest in the revolutionary leader, philosopher, and spiritual genius who inspires us. I can now reach academics and others I couldn't before with the rich portrait Peter has given us.

And among those of us acquainted with Ashram politics, admiration for you, Manoj, and for the others there who support Peter's work has grown enormously. Many of us are inspired by the courage and wisdom you have shown in the midst of the controversy surrounding the new biography. Your leadership reflects the fearlessness Sri Aurobindo valued. He, after all, went where his work and vision led in spite of the consequences.

For all of this, I salute and thank you. You are one of my new heroes.

With fond regards,

Michael Murphy