Dear Pavitra and others,

Revolutions are fought to bring in new changes. One such in the sphere of Aurobindoneans is being fought at present: it is testing time for all of us and we have to 'battle for the future". That is the work that has come upon all of us for otherwise the disastrous book by Peter will become the gospel of the scholars and the critics and the Life of Sri Aurobindo would be permanently misrepresnted [sic] by a pervert man who looks at Sri Aurobindo and the Mother only through Freudian lens! [sic] May be he is being encouraged and even paid to do so by some groups in the USA. In any case the roots of the book seem to go much deeper and I believe that there is conspiracy behind Peter's work: the conspiracy to malign Sri Aurobindo and de-mystify him and his teachings by bring them down to the murky levels of the present human consciousnes which is itself wallowing in the mud of the vital-physical. They believe in analysing the mud whereas we believe in getting inspiration from the lotus. That is what counts for a spiritual life.

The battle that is being fought is not only against one man but a whole dangerous psychoanalytic approach to Sri Aurobindo, especially in the USA.

The battle has to bring about changes not only by demolishing the old but by installing in the Ashram itself such strong and foolproof measures which will not allow such asuric forces to raise their heads once again. The first shots of this battle were heard in 1986-87 when Pranabda and Jugalda had raised their voices against such tendencies in the works coming out of Archives. But not much attention was given to their intuitions. Now the proportions of the mischief have taken a terrifying form and it has to be countered by an inner force of faith and conviction fountaing [sic] out of the devotees and the alumni of SAICE. If we can’t push back the evil now it may be too late. Peter is only a tool in the hands of the anti-Sri Aurobindo forces and maybe he himself is not aware of it just as Hitler was in the constant sway of the Asura but he did not know about it until the end.

The damage wrought by the book by Peter is surely temporary and Their work will be accomplished even if there are a hundred thousand Peters on earth. But the effect of the book would be to delay further Their work just as Hitler's victory would have delayed Their work by few thousand years. The book would provide fodder to the modern tendencies of denigrating spiritual personalities and create mischief in wide circles. That is my fear and that is why I have signed my name in the Army of Light of the Mother.


Ananda Reddy