From an article in The Daily Mail by M.C. Rajan, published 14 April 2012:

"Figures such as Aurobindo do not need a selfappointed priesthood to defend themselves from the profane."

From an article in The Hindu of more or less the same date: 

"I am looking forward to being forgotten," remarked American historian Peter Heehs, as he spoke about the media attention that followed the extension of his visa on Friday by the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in New Delhi.

Title of an article in The Times of India by Bosco Dominique, Apr 15, 2012:

"I was targeted for showing Aurobindo’s human side."

From an article at IBNLive of more or less the same date:

Reacting to his visa extension, controversial US historian Peter Heehs has thanked the Home Ministry.... In a statement, Heehs said, "I'm grateful to the Home Ministry for reviewing my case, and for arriving at a decision that shows that the government values freedom of expression."