IBN LIVE: Face the Nation—Are historians losing their freedom of expression? Watch it on YouTube

Once again a book has been banned. This time the author is American historian Peter Heehs for his book 'The lives Of Sri Aurobindo'.

Tweet by moderator Sagarika Ghose: "Every fact scrupulously footnoted, every assertion researched, Heehs book is the product of a lifetime's work..breathtaking"

IBN Live: Sri Aurobindo was a spiritual leader, not an avatar: Peter Heehs. Watch it on YouTube:

American historian Peter Heehs, whose book 'The Lives of Sri Aurobindo' has sparked protests, says powerful people are pressurizing the government not to renew his visa.

(The headline is a journalistic casualty. During this interview Peter never denied that Sri Aurobindo was an avatar. — Editors)